Adjacent to our hall we have constructed another building for our first tenant, consisting of two containers cut open and joined together to make a trapezoidal 90 sqm boat storage facility. The space is 10 m wide in the front, 5 m wide in the back and 12 m in length.

In this country, no business, office or storage facility could be built faster or in a more practical, low-cost, and more flexible way. On the basis of our experience with this building technique we will construct for example a one-storey building within 6 to 8 weeks for other tenants. About two months for planning and building-authority approval must be allowed for.

A standard 40 ft. container is 12.20 m long and 2.45 m wide by 2.60 m high. A so-called High Cube offers a height of 2,75 m inside.

The width may, but does not have to follow from the 2.45 m provided by the containers. 10, 20 or 40 ft. containers, standing at right angles, offer scope for creative design. The units can also be set up next to each other with open sides and roofing. We have already done that for our first tenant next door with their 90 sqm space.

A 20 or 40 ft. container also works well as an office or conference room. The 10 ft. version is a good choice as a storage facility for special purposes.

The hall floors as well as a large area of the trade park of Peute eins are suitable for fork-lifts and load handling.

Since the summer of 2016, the required sanitary facilities are also available, of course. For this, we have found a boat-like and convincing solution in the specifically refurbished wheelhouse of a former 1920 river barge.