The development of Peute eins has been inspired by a container village in Brixton, a district of London, designed by architect Carl Turner.


Advantages of Container Architecture
  • an honest, down-to-earth solution
  • permanently moderate building costs: wide and low-price range for used containers, especially in Hamburg
  • modular and therefore versatile construction because of 2.45 m standard width
  • tried and tested on trucks, freight wagons or ships, secure joining of units
  • enormous stability: huge load capacity for stacking on ships and therefore structurally safe
  • easy modification for either up- or downsizing of the premises
  • interesting scope for design through combination of different containers, cutting out side panels or roofing
  • up to seven containers are stackable, the construction of Peute eins however will be two-storied at most
  • corrosion-proof due to special corrosion-resistant CORTEN steel
  • tested and tried burglar-proof door locking mechanism
  • 20 and 40 ft. lengths: 6.10 m and 12.20 m
  • two heights: 2.60 m (standard) and 2.76 (high cube)
  • customized colour selection for the containers: kept in the logistics/shipping look as purchased, or repainted
  • relatively short lead time for planning and building (building-authority approval times are as usual)
  • modular additions for 10 ft. containers are possible for either heating, specific purposes or temporary storage space


 Your Advantages on Peute eins
  • you don’t have to arrange anything yourself, you can move into the facilities ready to use and just focus on your work
  • you can make use of our planning and building experience
  • we have got the forklift and the lift truck for moving and assembling your containers
  • all the side issues such as sanitary facilities, heating, electric power supply as well as compliance with regulations are dealt with


In 2015/16

we constructed a U-shaped two-storey building made from containers for our own company. For the side walls we used 40 ft. containers, for the back wall 20 ft. containers. We decided on a mixed building structure with used containers, a self-supporting timber construction including trapezoidal sheet metal over thermal insulation for the roof, and a transparent front.

The containers, cut open inside, surround the hall like a gallery. Additional steel beams compensate for the removed side panels, securing the statics of the construction.

The hall is 11 m in width, 12 m in depth and 7 m in height. The ground floor in the containers provides enough room for work benches, shelving for the numerous small parts of current projects, engines or boats.

The first floor provides space for shelving and storage, a spray booth and a drying room for varnished parts. A 1-ton hoist helps to move heavy engines and to turn the boats.

The front, made of transparent double-skin sheets, brings natural daylight into the facilities. Visitors, boats, the lifting platform or our 5-ton forklift can enter the workshop through the gate.